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    We have auto insurance for every driver. Discounts as high as 37% for Good Driver and Multi car, and even more savings if we write your homeowners insurance too!

    auto insurance quotes for drivers with tickets or accidents We also specialize in saving money for "unlucky drivers" who have had tickets, accidents, or have been canceled or non-renewed. Low monthly installment plans and easy coverage by phone make our programs Convenient and Affordable.

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    Besides Auto Insurance, we have special programs for Motorcycles and Recreational Vehicles as well. Find out how much YOU can save, and request a FAST and FREE quote online today!

    We have the most competitive homeowners plans, even on High Valued Homes, and can issue policies SAME DAY for your new home loan closings. Also, if we write your Auto Insurance too we save you an additional 20%!
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    If you are a Renter or a Condominium Owner, we can help. These policies are easy to purchase, VERY inexpensive, and can be started by phone. Get a quote now:
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    Atlas Insurance Agency has partnered with some of the most reputable and well known insurance carriers in the country for Auto, Home, Life and Health Insurance. Our professional and knowledgeable staff use the latest computer technology to bring you the most comprehensive insurance options available. Group discounts and package policies are available to provide clients with the most competitive policy premiums in the market today. Atlas Insurance Agency has earned an excellent reputation of delivering extraordinary customer service by focusing on affordable solutions to client’s needs, building mutual trust and respect, combined with a team of caring and dependable insurance professionals.

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    Let Atlas Auto take the hassle out of shopping for your insurance needs. Complete our simple Online Quote form to compare multiple insurance options and buy the best policy at the right price. See how easy it is to compare coverage options and buy an insurance policy at low affordable rates. By offering a powerful network of reputable insurance companies, we have helped thousands of people locate and buy affordable insurance policies.

    Online quotes contacted within 1 business day. Most quotes can be handled right over the phone in 10 minutes or less. We are located at 520 E. Fourth St. Royal Oak, Mi 48067. Hours are 9:00am-5:00pm M-F.

    Toll Free Phone number is: 1-800-841-2723

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